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Colour Your World

Colouring is an activity we tend to associate with children. In our technologically driven world, as we grow up we swap pencils and crayons for devices such as computers, ipads and smart phones.


Interestingly, recent studies have shown that the process one goes through when colouring in is very beneficial for people of all ages. The practice of colouring not only assists in lowering stress levels but also enhances one’s overall well-being as areas of the brain relating to the senses, motor skills and creativity are stimulated.


Mindfulness colouring-in has become a global phenomenon, an enjoyable yet still creative form of ‘time out’ which enables adults to channel their inner child, forget their stresses and lose themselves in their art.

Colour Your World Experiences

Colour Your World: Private workshops / Tour Groups / Parties

Whether it be for your next work event, party celebration or an experience for a tour group visiting Israel, let us create for you a private creative coloring in workshop at a selected location.

We'll provide:

All the colouring in materials

A guided colouring in experience with a qualified art teacher

A fun and relaxing time for all!

Contact us for bookings, pricing and further information.

Colour Your Simcha: custom made colouring in canvas for your special celebration

Want a colorful and unique memory of your special day? Why not have a personalised and hand illustrated design created about your story. This design will then be put onto canvas and coloured in by all your family and friends during your festivities!

Price: 850 shekels

Price includes:

A custom made design

50x50 canvas print

Markers for colouring in

Contact us to order your custom made colouring-in canvas.


"Colour Your World was the perfect way to end off the week, shake off the stresses of work and release our inner child. To sit with a glass of wine overlooking a mesmerising Tel Aviv sunset with coloured pencils in hand is a luxury we rarely allow ourselves. Tali has really taken mindfulness colouring-in to a new level by merging it with the glorious setting of the iconic Tel Aviv skyline".

Mel, Tel Aviv (September 2015)

"Tali designed our colour-in canvas for a fun activity for our wedding night. Needless to say it was absolutely beautiful!!! Tali patiantly and tirelessly listened to us, understoodour style and personality and created extraordinary quality of work. We absolutely LOVED the outcome and cant thank her enough for the dedication and professionalism!!!"

(Angela, Israel, January 2016)

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