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'A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step' (Lao Tzu)
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Itai Amir - איתי עמיר
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" Writing a testimonial for Itai shouldn’t be hard at all, but it is. How can I possibly, in just a short space, convey Itai’s passion, his kindness, his love of Israel, his genuine love, care and concern for people and his willingness to go above and beyond in order to ensure that each tour group has the best possible experience?... Our family had the most amazing experience visiting Israel during April 2015.


Prior to our trip, Itai spent many, many hours discussing what it was that we, as a family, as a group of individuals, were planning to get out of our trip. In all his discussion, he emphasised that the tour needed to cater to us, a young, active family with 4 energy filled boys. He asked lots of questions including what kind of people we were and where in Israel we planned to visit. He spent time learning about what we as a family liked to do. He then carefully planned and put forward a custom made itinerary which we then together, tweaked and changed as needed. Itai did everything including make all the bookings for the accommodation, the car hire and all the attractions. Itai even went so far as to suggest places for us to see on the days that we were not touring with him and helped us with bookings for those as needed. 


During our time together, Itai made changes if the days required it. For example when the weather wasn’t conducive to what was planned, he suggested alternate places to go or when lunch took longer than expected, he suggested how we could make better use of the rest of our day. Whenever there was an opportunity to give us a personal taste of Israel, Itai made sure he included this. 


Would we personally use Itai again? Absolutely, without a doubt. In our mind, it is a given that we will one day be back out touring our beloved Israel again with Itai, our new friend. "

Shelley & Steve, Australia