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" Itai made our family’s first trip to Israel one we will always remember.  He created a great itinerary that fit our diverse interests which included a food tour of the Jerusalem market and hiking through and to some of Israel’s outdoor hidden treasures. Itai was a joy to tour with and was very engaging with stories about the Israeli culture and history.  He made great recommendations for places to stay, and assisted us with our trip logistics so that we could relax and enjoy the experience."

Kathy & Phil, America


" Itai is a phenomenal tour guide. He was incredibly generous with his time and advice, going above and beyond what was required. The tour he designed for us was precisely tailored to the needs of our diverse group and his knowledge on all subjects was extensive and he has excellent English. Above all, he has a kind, gentle nature and is a pleasure to be in the presence of "

Nikki, Australia


" Writing a testimonial for Itai shouldn’t be hard at all, but it is. How can I possibly, in just a short space, convey Itai’s passion, his kindness, his love of Israel, his genuine love, care and concern for people and his willingness to go above and beyond in order to ensure that each tour group has the best possible experience?... 


Prior to our trip, Itai spent many, many hours discussing what it was that we, as a family, as a group of individuals, were planning to get out of our trip. In all his discussion, he emphasised that the tour needed to cater to us, a young, active family with 4 energy filled boys. He asked lots of questions including what kind of people we were and where in Israel we planned to visit. He spent time learning about what we as a family liked to do. He then carefully planned and put forward a custom made itinerary which we then together, tweaked and changed as needed. Itai did everything including make all the bookings for the accommodation, the car hire and all the attractions. Itai even went so far as to suggest places for us to see on the days that we were not touring with him and helped us with bookings for those as needed. 


During our time together, Itai made changes if the days required it. For example when the weather wasn’t conducive to what was planned, he suggested alternate places to go or when lunch took longer than expected, he suggested how we could make better use of the rest of our day. Whenever there was an opportunity to give us a personal taste of Israel, Itai made sure he included this. 


Would we personally use Itai again? Absolutely, without a doubt. In our mind, it is a given that we will one day be back out touring our beloved Israel again with Itai, our new friend. "

Shelley & Steve, Australia


" I had a very special experience in Israel. I have learnt so much from Itai. He tells fantastic stories and will show you all the best hidden spots! I highly recommend him, he made every day a unique experience and feel like a complete adventure "

Monica, England


" Can't say enough about Itai and the amazing 10 day tour he led our group of 40+ people through. In addition to being a captivating guide and a human encyclopedia on the state of Israel, he is a genuinely wonderful person who inspires those around him to think both critically and introspectively.

I will never forget my Israeli experience, and I can say with certainty that my trip would not have been the same without our endearing, insightful tour guide, Itai. "

Tori, America


" Just had the best week with Itai! We came as a family and toured Israel. Itai is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and friendly. He was also extremely flexible and able to think and adapt on the fly. We recommend Amir Tours to anyone coming to Israel! "

Benajah, America


" Absolutely amazing tour guide - Israel now feels like home. Recommended to all my friends and family. His guidance and knowledge on all subjects regarding history, Judaism, culture, and the human experience is astounding. "

Raya, America


" Itai is a pleasure as a guide on a family trip. He is fun, knowledgable and easy going. The kids love him. I think it's the small things that we really appreciated such as tea in the bush, bottles to keep desert sand as souvenirs and talking about issues in present day Israel are all examples that come to mind. This was our first trip ever to Israel and he really educated us and made the country come alive. I highly recommend Itai - You will have a great trip with him! "

Vanessa & Matthew, Australia


" Itai is one of the best guides you can ask for. Personable, knowledgeable, and has fantastic English. He made my trip memorable and I highly recommend him. "

Jon, America

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