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Israel Experiences

From the colourful city of Tel Aviv, to the tranquility of the North, to the historical and modern Jerusalem and the serenity of the desert plains, Amir Tours Israel Experiences will show you the best that the country has to offer!

With Amir Tours, you can have the opportunity to spend time in the main cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat and Tzfat, visit prominent sites including the Old City, Masada, Ein Gedi and Caesarea; and discover Israel's natural wonders by floating on the Dead Sea, hiking through the Galilee or Golan and cruising on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).

Amir Tours specializes in planning and guiding or operating tours and experiences for individuals, couples, families and groups of all sizes, ages and abilities. We are committed to developing tours that are customized to the needs and interests of our clients. Amir Tours offers the following services:

- Building customized Itineraries

- English or Hebrew speaking Tour Guide

- Transfers to and from the airport

- Booking of accommodations

- Car or bus hire

- Site bookings and confirmations

- Recommendations for restaurants, cafes and bars

- Anything else we can do to meet your needs.

**All tours are individually priced.

Below are a few examples of what Amir Tours can offer which can either be one-day tours or part of an extended tour of the country.

Contact Amir Tours today to make your dream trip to Israel a reality.

Experience the magic of the region between the Dead Sea and Eilat where the locals are making the desert bloom.
Explore the Kabbalistic city of Tsfat and the beauty and nature of Mt. Meron, Israel's 2nd highest mountain.
Hike in the desert oasis, Ein Gedi, discover the stories of the fortress of Masada and float in the Dead Sea.
See the impressive ruins of Caesearea and enjoy the quaint nature and beautiful gardens of Zichron Ya'akcov.
Crawl through historical remains from the Roman and Hellenistic times and visit an incredibly unique stalactite cave.
Explore the colourful, historical and holy city that is the centre of the world and home to the 3 major world religions.
Hike in some of the beautiful nature reserves of the south to see some incredible sculptures of nature.
Enjoy a walking tour through time from Yafo, one of the oldest cities in the world to Tel Aviv, a bustling modern metropolis.
Taste the flavours of Machane Yehuda market, explore the early neighbourhoods and visit the Knesset.
Explore the unique Ramon Crator, visit Sde Boker, discover Ein Uvdat and experience Bedouin hospitality.
Jeep ride along the border with Syria, taste exquisite local wines and walk the paths of ancient Jewish villages.
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" Itai is a pleasure as a guide on a family trip. He is fun, knowledgable and easy going. The kids love him. I think it's the small things that we really appreciated such as tea in the bush, bottles to keep desert sand as souvenirs and talking about issues in present day Israel are all examples that come to mind. This was our first trip ever to Israel and he really educated us and made the country come alive. I highly recommend Itai - You will have a great trip with him! "

Vanessa & Matthew, Australia

" Itai is one of the best guides you can ask for. Personable, knowledgeable, and has fantastic English. He made my trip memorable and I highly recommend him. "

Jon, America